Work Smarter

PayCrew implements clearly defined processes and goals to help individuals perform better and more consistently.


Measure Twice
Implement Once

PayCrew is not "one size fits all" software. Only after our team performs an in-depth evaluation of a company will we put together a custom PayCrew solution.

Our team will conduct an on-site analysis of all your current processes that would be affected by production management including job budgets, phase/cost codes, project management, change orders, payroll processing, special accounting needs and more.

This process is critical to successfully implementing PayCrew and maximizing its benefits.


PayCrew works behind the scenes to simplify the process of coordinating time sheets with paychecks and all points in between.

PayCrew minimizes redundancies and inefficient processes through integrations with leading accounting systems. Our developers are constantly working on integrating PayCrew with all the leading accounting systems.

Integrations include Foundation Software, Dexter Chaney (Spectrum), Computer Ease, and Accounting Systems.

Develop Leaders
Not Employees

Intuitive design, personal training and support tools enable companies to focus on their people, and not projects or paperwork.

We help companies identify PayCrew Process Owners (PPOs). These are individuals that ensure successful implementation of PayCrew and become natural leaders within the company.

PayCrew is intentionally designed to identify and reward leaders in companies of all sizes.


Our team supports everyone from setting up company benchmarks to helping individuals use PayCrew on a daily basis.

Because PayCrew requires full-scale adoption to realize all the benefits, we constantly support our clients through on-site visits, webinars, email support, an online resource library, and by phone call or text.

We provide permanent and personal support for companies because we are fully committed to their success.

  • PayCrew has increased efficiency in our office because it frees up everyone's time to work on what they really need to be working on. People are in a better mood because of it. I would recommend PayCrew to any company!
    Matthew Fennema
    Kent Companies
  • PayCrew lets you know the current progress of the jobs and our guys feel more like a part of the company because they can see how the job has gone and where it's heading. Our production rate has increased by at least 5%!
    Luke Yliniemi
    KNG Mechanical
  • With PayCrew, we record what's actually done in the field, and the estimator can use that data to make accurate estimates. It's real data of what you can do with your crews... and that information will help you with future projects.
    Jason Clark
    WL Concrete

Find out how PayCrew works for you

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