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PayCrew partners with leading construction industry companies and organizations to enhance our products and services.


Foundation Software delivers job cost accounting, project management and mobile applications, along with industry education and bookkeeping services, to help you run the business side of construction.

We’ve continuously developed and supported FOUNDATION® construction accounting software for over 30 years because we’re committed to a single industry. It’s why we built it around a powerful Microsoft® SQL Server® database for robust reporting, data security and flexibility. It’s also why we won’t sell you software we aren’t confident your company will succeed with.

Are we a fit for you? See why being different has made FOUNDATION® America’s #1 construction accounting software.

Construction software designed to manage and grow your construction business. Spectrum delivers complete business management for small & large construction companies. From construction accounting to project management, from the office to the job site, and across the entire life cycle of construction work, Spectrum has helped thousands of clients manage and grow their contracting businesses.

Since 1994, Doug Phelps, President of Management Consultants for Contractors has developed and fine tuned a proven forward-thinking management system that has improved the profitability of construction companies. This step-by-step system combines some of the philosophies of “open book management” to empower your employees to drive the company towards higher profits.

This management system, called The Just Rewards Plan, has helped clients reduce labor costs of 5%-10% in the very first year! Want to see what those cost savings would mean to your bottom line?

ComputerEase is the leading provider of Construction Accounting and Project Management Software for Contractors. This all-in-one software is easy to use and works the way a contractor works. By investing in the brightest programming minds, ComputerEase has crafted a fully-integrated Job Costing, Accounting and Project Management solution along with field-to-office integration. More than 6,000 contractors trust ComputerEase to run their business every day.

We craft websites with a purpose. Our websites tell a story, demand an action, and have a clear path. They are engaging on every device – phone, computer, or tablet. And as our partner, you can expect enthusiastic support every step of the way.

Did you know Facebook has 1.94 Billion active users per month? Why not utilize the growing social media community to expand your customer base? Let our social media experts create your next engaging and targeted campaign.

  • PayCrew has increased efficiency in our office because it frees up everyone's time to work on what they really need to be working on. People are in a better mood because of it. I would recommend PayCrew to any company!
    Matthew Fennema
    Kent Companies
  • PayCrew lets you know the current progress of the jobs and our guys feel more like a part of the company because they can see how the job has gone and where it's heading. Our production rate has increased by at least 5%!
    Luke Yliniemi
    KNG Mechanical
  • With PayCrew, we record what's actually done in the field, and the estimator can use that data to make accurate estimates. It's real data of what you can do with your crews... and that information will help you with future projects.
    Jason Clark
    WL Concrete

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