Grow Together

PayCrew combines production metrics, common goals, and feedback to improve individual and team performance.



PayCrew establishes trust in the production man hour goals to provides clear direction on the skills needed to achieve goals.

Getting daily evaluations on performance along with a record of hours worked per cost mode is an objective way of determining wage increases and quarterly evaluations. It also opens up training opportunities to accelerate skill development and reduce employee turnover.

PayCrew enables open and honest conversations about performance, productivity, and opportunities.

Time Collection

Live time sheets create company-wide efficiency by reducing time and effort to post, collect, and analyze the information.

Our system eliminates the lag time in current time tracking systems through real time data tracking and processing. This enhances decision making capabilities by eliminating the concept of "unposted payroll" within your company and eliminates administrative input time and errors.

PayCrew makes time collection accessible immediately across the entire company.

For Success

Eliminate inconsistencies and guesswork to prepare more accurate estimates and projections.

A PayCrew database increases confidence in projecting future labor performance, scheduling projects, and recognizing future gaps through accurate and consistent data. It displays results like never before for careful and consistent projections.

Stop guesstimating the future and start projecting it with reliable, real-time data.

Results & Rewards

Open communication and rewards program foster healthy competition from an engaged and informed team.

PayCrew clearly establishes expectations for individuals throughout the company and creates a fun incentive program based on realistic, tangible goals. This develops individuals, unites teams and improves results across the board.

Turn time tracking into an engaging and rewarding experience for individuals and teams.


Trust, transparency, and teamwork puts individuals first and creates a team environment.

When everyone understands how their individual contributions determine the success of others and the company, everyone looks out for each other and work together for a greater cause. PayCrew creates a positive, helpful culture that benefits everyone in the company.

Healthy culture has a powerful effect on a company with an untold number of ancillary benefits.

  • PayCrew has increased efficiency in our office because it frees up everyone's time to work on what they really need to be working on. People are in a better mood because of it. I would recommend PayCrew to any company!
    Matthew Fennema
    Kent Companies
  • PayCrew lets you know the current progress of the jobs and our guys feel more like a part of the company because they can see how the job has gone and where it's heading. Our production rate has increased by at least 5%!
    Luke Yliniemi
    KNG Mechanical
  • With PayCrew, we record what's actually done in the field, and the estimator can use that data to make accurate estimates. It's real data of what you can do with your crews... and that information will help you with future projects.
    Jason Clark
    WL Concrete

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