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Meet the Founders

PayCrew was designed, built, tested, and used by experienced construction company owners to improve their industry.

Lee Clark & Steve Garber met in 1989 and have been on a quest ever since to perfect to develop an accurate production measuring system that strategically changes behavior. As they developed what would eventually become PayCrew, they sought input from all levels of the company, from estimators to supervisors to the field employees. They found that people enjoyed using the system and took pride in being a part of it.

The software resulted in intelligent conversations, field productivity improvements, skill developments, focused estimating and bidding, accurate monthly financial statements, and realistic yearly Strategic Plans. Focusing on measurements had beginning labor savings of 18%. Employees were happier, and the company experienced twice the industry average pre-tax net profits with wages in the top 5% of the region.

Their message to business owners is the importance of balance. It can be tempting to grow too fast and miss the steps that ensure long-term profitability. But if you grow smart, you’ll end up with better balance, and a stronger company that can show consistent profitability and stronger valuations.

Both Lee & Steve are passionate about the people in the field, because they understand the importance of trust between a company and its people. As owners, they saw firsthand how attracting and retaining skilled people form the foundation of a company’s success and want to pass that knowledge and set of tools on to other companies.

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  • PayCrew has increased efficiency in our office because it frees up everyone's time to work on what they really need to be working on. People are in a better mood because of it. I would recommend PayCrew to any company!
    Matthew Fennema
    Kent Companies
  • PayCrew lets you know the current progress of the jobs and our guys feel more like a part of the company because they can see how the job has gone and where it's heading. Our production rate has increased by at least 5%!
    Luke Yliniemi
    KNG Mechanical
  • With PayCrew, we record what's actually done in the field, and the estimator can use that data to make accurate estimates. It's real data of what you can do with your crews... and that information will help you with future projects.
    Jason Clark
    WL Concrete