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September 5, 2018

What does it mean, culture of a company?

Culture is like personality. In a person, the personality is made up of the values, beliefs, underlying assumptions, interests, experiences, upbringing, and habits that create a person’s behavior. Culture is made up of the values, beliefs, underlying assumptions, attitudes, and behaviors shared by a group of people. The feeling of unity is one reason why creating a company culture is an important aspect of your business. Unity positively impacts the company by solidifying values and goals among employees, and also increases company morale. … It embodies the core values of your company that each team member emulates.  The importance of a strong organizational culture…  When an organization has a strong culture, it keeps their employees actively and passionately engaged. A strong culture impacts the values and norms of an organization. It creates and supports the mission, vision and values. As a […]
August 30, 2018

15 Mins. to Successful Production Measuring!

If you manage a labor force as I did you will understand the need to measure labor by units especially as your labor force multiplies, it’s the only way to communicate goals and find wasted effort. As a business owner of a labor intensive company founded in the early 80’s, I spent all of my time convincing my team the need for simple units of measure. It wasn’t easy finding the right units to measure, I can only relate it to pushing a chain up a hill, frustrating. Estimating and project management wanted more detail than the field saw value in or was willing to provide. Accounting could not give me monthly financial statements that I trusted. One month I […]
July 26, 2018

Focusing on Crew Size for Huge Returns

Today’s workforce shortage has dominated the construction industry news this year more than ever before. The title of this article is a question that can easily relate to this shortage issue. So what is the correct answer to the question? If you are an owner that built the business from the ground up, you have a pretty good idea. The first condition to test is how much work can get done? Are there any conditions that would limit the quantity of work to complete that day? An example of this could be that we have 3,000 SF of sidewalks to do but because the brick mason is still completing their work they are blocking us from getting the full 3,000 […]
July 10, 2018

Try using Units of Measure to project your costs and complete the Work in Progress (WIP)!

This article will show you how to use job costing to dramatically improve your profits. Every month many construction companies sit down and review their cost and look for projections on what the field thinks it will take to finish. I have seen this done a lot of different ways. The most common one is to base the projection on the percentage to complete. Most construction accounting systems even have a form that can be printed or emailed to the field superintendents. They include all the cost codes and require the superintendents to write in a percentage they think they are currently at. The form is entered into the accounting system and will make the adjustments based on these projections […]
May 16, 2018

Measurements that change behavior.

“The deepest craving of the human nature is the need to be appreciated.” William James This question has been asked in many different words on construction sites, but at the end of the day it means, “How’d I do today, Boss?” If I can answer that question with truthful, unbiased information, I have connected this person with his daily performance evaluation. One of two things will usually happen: either earning bragging rights or assessing the damages and learning from mistakes. Either way, truthful, accurate results create a crystal clear vision and mission for tomorrow! Let the conversations begin! This is where organizational learning happens intuitively. When frontline workers receive performance results daily and the results can be viewed by all […]
April 13, 2018

4 Reasons Why Employee Incentives Must Be Tied to Performance to give Serious ROI

Paychecks give employees a reason to get up in the morning and go to work. But long-term motivation that results in top-level, efficient work comes from the desire to improve. When you incentivize employees to give their best, you’ll get better work. But you can’t just offer pay raises based on years served or subjective annual reviews — they have to be tied to performance that measured in a non-subjective way in order to be effective. Here’s why. Competitive Nature. Most human nature is driven by competition. When you define acceptable performance metrics your feeding that competitive tendency each of us have. People want to outperform their fellow workers, and they want to outperform their past level of performance, especially […]